Dragon Blooded Houses

There are a total of six Great Houses that remain. though only five are scattered through the Threshold. The Sixth is used as spies and assasins by House Cathak.

House Mnemon One of the two Earth Aspected houses that remains and contains the most Sorcerers of any other Great House, with the Exception of House Cathak.

House Tepet The only remaining Air aspected house, Tepet has been scattered far and wide across the threshold. Their lack of military might keeps them from holding territory, but also makes them very difficult to locate.

House Ragara The second Earth Aspected house, Ragara exists through sheer tenacity alone. Their walled fortress cities have been under near constant siege from House Cathak for the last Decade.

House Peleps Makes its home in the far Northern reaches of Creation. Their mastery over water has allowed them to erect near impenetrable defenses, but with the recent deaths of several skilled generals their fighting spirit has dwindled considerably.

House Iselsi Even before the Scarlet Empress’ disappearance, the Iselsi were known as spies and assasins. Now they have been cowed in to the service of House Cathak.

House Cynis bought refuge within the great Threshold city of Lookshy. Through their machinations they have managed to secure the loyalty of several of Lookshy’s military leaders and now hold a place on the Council

House Cathak The sole remaining Fire Aspected house. Cathak conscripted or killed every other Fire aspect in the Realm to create the greatest military machine since the time of the Solar Deliberative. Now they seek to bring the remaining houses to heel or destroy them in the process.

Dragon Blooded Houses

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