History of the World Part I

At the beginning of creation there was only the Primordials and the Endless Chaos. The Primordials in their boundless arrogance defied the will of The Formless and sought to create a paradise for their amusement. The Formless became angry as they saw their perfect shapelessness polluted by the perfect symmetry of Creation and in their fury threw their might at the Primordials.

As the war raged, the Primordials were forced to dedicate less and less of their time with their fledgling creation and so they created the Gods to manage the immense Celestial Bureaucracy that was needed to run Creation. The Primordials were then able to focus all of their attention on The Formless pushing the Endless Chaos away from their paradise. Thus it remained for countless millenia. The Primordials kept the Wyld at bay while the Gods toiled in the Celestial Bureaucracy, but the Gods grew jealous of their master’s power and conspired to throw them from the heavens.

From this jealous ambition, the Exalted were born. The Primordials had infused in the Gods the inability to harm their masters. So the Gods turned to the mortal world of Creation and selected heroes from among the greatest of its people to serve as their instruments of war. The Unconquered Sun created the handful of Solar Exalted that would serve as the greatest of the Gods’ champions. The Silver Maiden shed her fickle light on the Lunar Exalted to make them generals and terrible engines of war. The Maidens of the Stars crafted men and women that could see and manipulate the loom of fate to guide the armies where they would be needed. The Five Great Elemental Dragons offered their blood to craft the greatest soldiers of the age.

As the Primordials struck a decisive blow against The Formless they returned in victory only to face the treacherous armies of their creation. Battle raged across the heavens as. one by one, the Primordials fell. Yet in their last moments they anointed their assasins with a Great Curse that all they had achieved would soon fall by their own hands.

Endless aeons passed as the Gods played the Games of Divinity in the heavens leaving their great champions to see to the needs of Creation. Grand wonders were crafted upon the world during this golden age, but it was not to last. The Dragon-Blooded, the weakest of the Gods’ champions grew jealous of the greater power enjoyed by their kin. As the Solars and Lunars slipped toward Sloth and decadence the Terrestrials struck. In one bloody day the greatest champions of Creation were wiped from the world leaving the Dragon-Blooded as sole rulers.

The slow march of time eroded the great wonders of the First age as the Dragon-Blooded marveled at their own grandeur. Narcissism blinded them to the threat growing at their borders as The Formless returned from the Wyld to unmake all that polluted their perfect shapelessness. Entire nations disappeared in to the formless void or were slaughtered by the living nightmares of this invasion.

Just as all seemed lost, a lone soldier entered the Imperial Manse and through sheer force of will brought the First age defenses of Creation to bear against the Wyld hordes driving them from the world. This one soldier came to be known as The Scarlet Empress. Under her leadership the Terrestrial host regained control of Creation and crushed any opposition to their position as rulers.

It seemed, however, that history was doomed to repeat itself. With the disappearance of The Scarlet Empress scant decades ago, House Cathak took control of the Imperial Isle through a combination of subterfuge and military might. Those houses that would not bend knee to Cathak’s rule were forced to the Threshold by years of bloody conflict. Only five of the Great Houses remain free of Cathak’s rule. Their mighty armies broken by the terrible bloodlust of House Cathak. Now they wait, all eyes look to the Imperial Isle for signs that House Cathak is on the move….

History of the World Part I

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