House Cathak

Under the leadership of Cathak Cainan, the military legions of House Cathak prospered. Their armies spread far across the Threshold. They uncovered dozens of First Age treasure troves, defended the people against Fair Folk and the walking dead, and came to be known as the Sword of the Empress.

With Cainan’s death his son, Ozai, was placed in charge of the House legions. At first the younger man seemed content to keep things as they were, filling the House coffers and extending their influence. Gradually over several years, the Cathak legions disappeared from the Threshold. Some would come home while others seemed to simply vanish. Three years after the disappearance of The Empress Ozai held conference with Sesus Renald. Immediately after this meeting both leaders recalled the remainder of their legions from the Threshold. Once the last Son of Hesiesh was on the Imperial Isle, Sesus and Cathak announced that their two houses would join together and that Cathak Ozai was to take his seat on the Scarlet Throne. As this announcement was made loyal Cathak and Sesus legions struck against House Mnemon and House Ledaal. Ledaal was wiped out to the last man while Mnemon was forced to retreat in to the Threshold.

The combined might of the two Houses pushed all opposition from the island in a matter of months. At the end of this conflict, known as the Phoenix war, Ozai thanked his ally Renald by killing him in Ag Ne Kai (a ritual duel) and executing every Fire Bender that displayed even a hint of disloyalty to him.

With his enemies scattered amongst the Threshold Ozai continues his crusade against them. Even now he seeks to gain entrance to the Imperial Manse to turn the weapons of the First Age against his foes and make a utopia for his family, built upon the ashes of his foes.

House Cathak is unavailable as a PC House.

House Cathak

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