House Mnemon

Before the Phoenix War, House Mnemon stood as the greatest household on the Blessed Isle. Led by a daughter of The Scarlet Empress herself, Mnemon was seen as first in line to take the Scarlet Throne after the prolonged disappearance of the Empress. This belief made the house a perfect target for some of House Cathak’s most devastating weapons. Great fiery airships and mobile steel fortresses were brought to bear against Mnemon’s holdings on the Imperial Isle even as scores of Iselsi assasins struck down the most powerful sorcerers of the Realm. It is a testament to the strength of Mnemon’s blood that her house still survives despite the punishment suffered at the hands of the traitorous House Cathak.

The remaining Scions of House Mnemon hide behind the walls of their Fortress city Ba Sing Se. Mnemon herself seems diminished as the weight of her failure presses down on her. She no longer directly commands the Sorcerous legions of her house, this duty has fallen to Mnemon Caras. Caras is content to keep the legions inside the walls to defend the city which has caught great distress amongst the satraps since they count on Mnemon’s protection from Cathak raids and beasts of the Wyld.

Rumors circulating out of the Scavenger Lands have peaked Mnemon’s curiosity. People claim to have seen The Scarlet Empress wandering the wilds, her mind shattered by some horrific ordeal. Mnemon has been the most adamant in refuting these claims which has led some to believe that perhaps Mnemon herself was the cause of The Empress’ disappearance. So far no legions have been dispatched to investigate these claims, but it is only a matter of time.

Because of the Houses varied business interests as well as their military might characters who choose to belong to house Mnemon receive one free dot in either resources or retainers background.

House Mnemon

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