Rules Basics

Success test: Trait + Ability in number of d10s rolled versus difficulty of 1-5. Difficulty represents the number of successes required to accomplish the task. Rolling a 7 + on a d10 is considered a success.

Extended test: Trait + Ability rolled normally with an interval that represents the time between each test. Extended tests should have a limit on the number of intervals allowed to complete the test.

Opposed test: Character and opponent each roll appropriate Trait + Ability. Whichever character has the higher number of successes wins the contest.

Defense Value (DV): (Dexterity + Appropriate Ability + Essence) divided by 2

Mental Defense Value (MDV):
Dodge (represents a refusal to engage in the social attack): (Wilpower + Integrity + Essence) divided by 2

Parry (Represents the characters ability to redirect and retort a character’s claims): (Appropriate Trait + Appropriate Ability + Essence) divided by 2

Stunts: For the purposes of this campaign a stunt bonus of 1 die will be added to any roll where a player describes his action in an interesting way.

Rule of Ten: Every time a 10 (0) comes up on a die roll it counts as two successes.

Rules Basics

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