Threshold Nations

The Region known as the Threshold is home to hundreds of fledgling nations and city-states. For the purposes of this campaign I will detail the major players of the Hundred Kingdoms region.

The House of Beasts: Twin Beastmen lord over the cities of Marita and Nathir. Their lion headed children act as brutal taskmasters toward the indigenous people.

Dreamspun Reaches: Constant war with The House of Beasts filled this nation with sorrow and despair. Recent days have seen a vague euphoria replace the dour moods of the people. This change came after a mysterious force turned the Beastmen from their conquest.

Thul Amon: Named for the great warlord that united the disparate tribes of the region, Thul Amon survives amidst the predations of the Wyld. It’s cities are defended by great wards fed by essence engines that repel anything touched by the taint of the Wyld.

Demesne of the Stormchaser: Stormchaser is a great Thunderbird that became angry with the local tribes after her desires were spurned by one of the warrior-chiefs. Ever since she has raged across the skies seeking to enslave all men within her Demesne.

Thaumaturgus: The Sorcerer-King has lived for centuries at the heart of the city known as the Grand Manse. Constant geomantic manipulation feeds ever more magical might in to the defenses of the city. Due to the immense store of First Age knowledge in the Grand Manse it is seen as the center of Thaumaturgical learning in the Hundred Kings Region

Threshold Nations

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