This campaign is loosely based on the Exalted setting drawing heavily from the “Last Airbender” TV series. The PCs will begin play as Dragon-Blooded from one of the numerous houses which control holdings in the Threshold of creation. House Cathak is the only house not available as they are firmly in control of the Imperial Isle and are currently plotting and scheming to bring the other houses to their knees.

The campaign will feature a good portion of exploration, social interaction, and combat with the denizens of creation (be they mundane or fantastic). Investigative skills could also come in to play as the campaign progresses.

Much of the campaign will take place in the Scavenger Lands region which has been divided up amongst the Threshold Dragon-Blooded houses and a few heroic warlords that have managed to keep their holdings through force of arms and alliances with supernatural powers.

The overarching objective of the PCs is to locate and gain the allegiance of the Scarlet Empress. Rumors of her reappearance have sprouted amidst the common folk of the Scavenger Lands region sparking a race between the Threshold Houses and the burning legions of House Cathak. Why the returned empress has not already taken her place on the Imperial Isle is anyone’s guess.

If anybody would like a nice .pdf character sheet for this campaign, follow the link below:

Dragon Blood Character Sheet

Return of the Scarlet Empress

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